Carried down through 3 generations...

In 1920, Maison Valette was founded by Adrien Valette in Quercy-Périgord, in the village of Saint-Clair, in the Lot department.
His son René and grandson Jacques, who inherited a passion for their local traditional gastronomy and a love of good food, have, in turn brought a touch of modernity, innovation, and fantasy.

Maison Valette offers a range of 500 Périgord specialties of highly reputed quality: duck and goose foie gras, truffles, confits, cassoulet, terrines, foie gras pâtés...

Recipes that have been unchanged for more than 60 years and a dozen new, original, gourmand recipes for the pleasure of gourmets.

Valette is also 3 generations of men with a passion for “Périgord’s black diamond” – the black truffle! Since always, this excellent ingredient has rounded-off the Maison’s foie gras, foie gras pâtés, and festive dishes.
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Key Dates of the company

Production plant - St Clair
Head-Office and logistic center - Gourdon
La Truffe Périgourdine : Cutting plant - Bergerac

Proximity to the terroir and product quality

Today, more than 500 specialties are prepared by the chefs from rigorously selected ingredients cooked with respect for the terroir and tradition. As for Maison Valette’s famous foie gras, it is still made by hand using ancestral methods guarantying its respect. The foie gras is meticulously selected by the Maison’s experts. Selected one by one, only the most beautiful ones are delicately molded after being deveined by hand and precisely seasoned. Maison Valette is very sensitive to the future of agriculture and the French terroir. This is why, through IGP Périgord and IGP Sud-Ouest, we promote this gastronomic heritage we hold so dear. To guarantee proximity, the Maison’s foie gras and confits come primarily from the Maison’s partner processing plants located in Bergerac en Périgord.

OUR QUALITY Premium Gastronomy In the World

Protected Geographical Indication

As the most famous origins of foie gras are Périgord and Southwest of France, Maison Valette provides gastronomic products which are protected by PGI to guarantee the origin and the quality.

The Protected Geographical Indication (IGP in French) is a certification in Europe, created in 1992. The certification gives the determined and superior quality of products with more than 100 specific control points and an ideal raising environment for ducks and their welfare. Ducks must always be raised, prepared and packaged in the Southwest of France.

The IGP South West involves many ducks products:
- Uncooked products: Foie gras, duck breast, thigh, inner fillet, heart, wing and gizzard.
- Processed products: Whole foie gras, bloc of foie gras with or without pieces, dried or smoked duck breast, confit (wings, thighs, breasts, gizzards)

Foie gras from Périgord Association :

Foie Gras from South-West association :

General Agricultural Competition (Concours Général Agricole)

Is one of the most important food event in Paris every year, which is organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Food since 1870. During the past 145 years, hundreds of gourmet elites came to Paris to evaluate the French fine food. Until today, Maison Valette has owned 57 medals who holds the most CGA medals among the foie gras companies.

International Featured Standards

Our standards are focused on the food safety, the quality of processes and products. All of our plants are certified by IFS, reviewed every year to guarantee our quality system is protected during 365 days.

IFS certificate

All you ever wanted to know about foie gras

French Foie Gras Association (CIFOG)

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Origin guaranteed with a real France Southwest foie gras taste. Selected and packaged by professional experts, providing two types optimum products: foie gras slices and whole foie gras. 


Champion products of Paris Agricultural Competition with best foie gras selected. Excellent smooth texture and a taste that improves by time. No preservatives or additives added.


Champion products of Paris Agricultural Competition with best foie gras selected. Have a real fresh and original foie gras flavor. Serve as luxurious starters with a fine dish presentation and easy to arrange on a plate.


The famous black truffle from the Périgord (Tuber Melanosporum) with its nickname « The Black Diamond of the Gastronomy ». Fresh truffles available from November to March and as preserved all-round the year.

Fine Food

Wide range of gastronomic specialties including our awarded duck rillettes, duck confit and ready meal. More than 400 preserved and chilled products combine tradition and innovation. 


Duck breast and duck confits (legs/wings) are the most popular French dishes in French restaurants. Fattened ducks meat quality is outstanding and unique. The best-sellers meat products of Valette.


Delicate hampers designed by our specialist, including foie gras, canned meat, wine, dessert, candies and small gifts. A good choice for family and friends for any occasion.

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